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Swiss Epic 2019

El Salto – Climbing in Mexico

Is there anything better than enjoying climbing with your favorite person on your favorite mountain?

ABENTEUER DEUTSCHLAND – A bike trip through the unknown home

Max Semsch had already visited over 30 countries on bike covering about 60,000 km. But there was one country he had hardly seen – his own.

We are on the move

What do we say, when someone asks us what we’re doing? We’re breaking trails. We’re roaming. We’re climbing. We’re on the move…

Natural MTB: Le Temps de Montagnes

That movie isn’t just about riding with a bike. The 3 days I spent with that shepherd were a homecoming of sorts, a blend of delightful feeling and emotions.

Conscious Caucasus – Europe’s Last Wilderness

The Caucasus is perhaps Europe’s last wilderness and full of adventures…

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