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#EverydayClimateday – Travel Smart

Why switching to bike, bus or train is worth it, even when it comes to recreation: Jakob Breitwieser, a passionate mountain biker and VAUDE athlete, has strong opinions about climate change. “If climate protection doesn’t start right here with me, then where else?” The 30-year-old athlete from Freiburg, Germany, is clearly committed to the principles […]

#EverydayClimateday – How to make sustainable consumption successful

Why it makes sense to repair: European Sustainability Week begins today. This week of events was established in 2015 and its goal is to encourage more people to engage in sustainability. Every individual can to something to make change for the better – climate protection concerns us all and climate change has long since begun. […]


Earth Overshoot Day on July 29, 2021: The day on which humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year #Move the Date: We need to do everything we can to delay the date as much as possible. How exactly are we doing this at VAUDE?

BambooBasti – Ride for the Planet

“You can achieve everything with the right mindset and hard work.” Traveling the world on myself made bam boobike, while planting trees along the way to fight the climate crisis.

BAMBOOBASTI, Ride for the Planet (Part I)

It all started with a dream, the idea of traveling the world and spreading the idea of ecofriendly traveling and creating awareness for our planet…

On the path of sustainability

The footprint we leave in this world depends so much on our vision. And if we drop the conventional, we open space for something else to happen…

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