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BambooBasti – Ride for the Planet

“You can achieve everything with the right mindset and hard work.” Traveling the world on myself made bam boobike, while planting trees along the way to fight the climate crisis.

BAMBOOBASTI, Ride for the Planet (Part I)

It all started with a dream, the idea of traveling the world and spreading the idea of ecofriendly traveling and creating awareness for our planet…

On the path of sustainability

The footprint we leave in this world depends so much on our vision. And if we drop the conventional, we open space for something else to happen…

PROTECT OUR WINTERS presents “Climate Lines” (Chpt. 1)

A first step of a long way through the climate and its direct testimonies in the Alps. But especially a beautiful adventure in the mountains, as we love them!

Sustainability Strategy: The Green Thread

Our sustainability strategy runs like a “green thread” through the company and shows how responsibility for people and nature is pursued at VAUDE.

Abella de la Conca – Hard to Leave – Climbing and Eco Tourism

Abella de la Conca is having a new lease of life thanks to a not-for profit association established to develop a sustainable approach to outdoor activities.