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BAMBOOBASTI, Ride for the Planet (Part I)

My name is Sebastian Gutmann and I am Bamboobasti.

It all started with a dream, the idea of traveling the world and spreading the idea of ecofriendly traveling and creating awareness for our planet.

The idea quickly developed into a blueprint of a plan. It was relatively clear, that I would only travel by bike. I’ve always been fascinated with the cycling sport and have participated in a fair share of short – and long-distance races myself.

When I then heard about these new bamboo bikes it was settled, I had to build my own bike for this journey. I’ve always been an active advocate of a eco-friendly and sustainable way of living and have been supporting the environmental NGO Plant for the Planet for years. So it was pretty clear to me, that my world trip would not just be a classic backpacking adventure.

This journey is my mission to make a difference. I decided to plant as many trees as possible during my time on the road and together with the people I meet and my supportive online community around the world I hope to plant just as many trees as I ride kilometers on my tour around the world. Once I knew how I would travel, and with what purpose, I needed to figure out which path I would follow.

I wanted to travel on solid ground as long as possible. My path would lead me in the first half of my world trip from Munich, Germany, through Austria, the Balkans, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan to India, passing through south east asia via Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore to Australia and New Zeeland. For the second part of my world trip I planned to start up in south America and travel up from Panama, through Mexico into the United States of America followed by Morocco, Tunis and then back to Europe via Portugal, France, Italy till I finally arrive back in Munich.

For all these countries and more than 40.000km I set myself a timeframe of two years. Two years of cycling, meeting new people, planting trees and indulging all the different cultures our planet has to offer. As ambitioned my plan was as quickly did I have to adjust it – more precisely, the time I planned to give myself. I realized, that I could not rush from one place to another, meet up with people, experience different cultures and pursuing my goal of making an example against the climate crisis, while trying at the same time to race my way around the world.

The former two-year trip became a project, stretched over three years. Allowing me to spend more time with the people I meet on my way and to better understand the ecological, humanitarian and economical situations in every country I traveled to.

Now I’m on the streets of this world for about one year and a lot has happened. I’ve planted 500 trees so far, have traveled more than 10.000 kilometers all the way to New Zeeland.

I’ve slept under the stars in the Iranian desert, had the privilege of speaking in front of hundreds of curios school children in India about the importance of a sustainable and ecofriendly lifestyle, celebrated the Chinese new year with my new friends in Penang/Malaysia and realized that you can overcome every obstacle with the right mindset.

I’m really excited about what’s next on my trip around the world and I know there is so much more to do, so many more people to speak to and so many more mountains, dirt roads and sunsets that wait to be discovered.





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