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Explore Scotland: Sail & Climb the Outer Hebrides – Part 1 “The most remote pub on mainland Britain”

Europe, a continent viewed as the centre of the universe is, in fact, an offshoot of Asia. Great Britain, former centre of the world’s largest empire, lies on the outskirts of Europe. The Old Forge, a pub on Scotland’s Knoydart peninsula, can only be reached on foot or by boat.

Mulanje Trails

The Vertriders Axel and Sylvia venture deep into Africa to explore unridden mountainbike terrain. In southern Malawi rises the majestic Mount Mulanje above the plain, the Island in the Sky.

Trail of Change: CROSSING THE PASS

The first ones on top and the last ones who left. Yesterday we succesfully crossed the Thorung La.

Explore Scotland: Sail & Climb the Outer Hebrides – Part 2 “Eda Frandsen”

The Eda Frandsen was already bobbing at the pier in the port town of Mallaig, a good 60 km from Fort William, when the seven of us arrived at the ferry terminal.

Unforgettable team trip to the Pyrenees

We were travelling to the Pyrenees for ski touring and after ten days in Spain, everyone of our crew knew the ‘donde está…’ pretty well.

DRIM! in Greece

With Francisco and the children we dreamt of travelling in the mountains, of making discoveries, meeting people and taking pictures. This is our dream, our DRIM Project (Decouvertes, Rencontres, Images, Montagnes).

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