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E-Mountainbike Trans Alp – The Experiment

The first E-Mountainbike Trans Alp from Eibsee to Venice.

Why do people do things? In order to succeed? For money? To be the first? Or from pure passion? There are many reasons! We try to be the first to undertake e-mountain bikes on a trans-alp from the Eibsee near Garmisch to Venice. In front of us lie more than 600 kilometers and tens of thousands of meters in altitude gain. What’s driving us? Christian is taking several stages, because he wants to know how fast one can ride with e-mountain bikes in the steep terrain uphill. Guido, Germany’s most successful freerider, finds the idea of a transalp with e-mountain bikes on mostly singletrails exciting and is with us, for one day and one night. And for Andi, a trans alp-expert, it is a mixture of adventure and the challenge of trying something completely new.

But for us all it’s an experiment: Will the e-bikes withstand the stress … like crossing mountain brooks and rough terrain? Will the batteries have the range? Will we find enough recharge plugs along the way? Can we make it with the e-mountain bikes twice as fast across the Alps as with conventional wheels? Many challenges, many questions!

The answer is in the film…

Production: Andi Prielmaier/

Photography: Christian Back

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