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Fish and Chips – Bikepacking

Touring on a mountain bike, with your entire luggage directly attached to the bike so that you can enjoy full mobility out on the paths – this is what freedom-loving mountain bikes define as adventure. The VAUDE Rider and athlete Rodolphe Pasciuto went to the Isle of Skye for a little Bikepacking adventure. Scotland is predestinated for these kinds of tours. Endless trails, desert landscapes, changeable weather and pure nature represent this unique place on earth. The perfect conditions for Rodolphe to test the new bikepacking range and to treat hisself with a big portion of fish and chips. Dinner is served! Enjoy your meal, Rodolphe!

A film by Antonin Pergod / oqamy
Location: Isle of Skye I Scotland
Athletes: Rodolphe Pasciuto
Music: Skye at night – Oliver Ledbury


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