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Jochen Mesle · Freerider

Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

Jochen is a 29 year old freeskier and mountaineer born and raised in Dürbheim, a small village in Germany. While spending a lot of time in the Dolomites with his parents at early age, he found his affection for the Alps. To be closer to the mountains he moved to Innsbruck in 2007 and changed his cross-country skis to freeride skis. With getting involved in well-known movie productions, he pursued his passion for exploring remote places and is competing in the Freeride World Qualifiers alongside. In the mountains he likes to combine creative and technical skiing with his background in alpinism.

All Posts with Jochen Mesle

Eis & Palmen – Abschlussbericht

Gesamtstrecke: 1.850km, 34.500hm, 42 Tage. Und was hat uns dieses Abenteuer gezeigt?

Ice & Palms – The Full Movie

A fabulous 100% self-powered bike and ski adventure. Full Movie out now!

EIS & PALMEN Wochen Update 5 / ZIEL (7. Juni 2018)

Aktueller Standort: Nizza
Gesamtstrecke: 1.850km, 34.500hm, 42 Tage

EIS & PALMEN – Wochen Update 4 (29. Mai 2018)

Aktueller Standort: Aosta (Italien). Gesamtstrecke bisher: 1.300km, 26.000hm

EIS & PALMEN – Wochen Update 3 (21. Mai 2018)

Aktueller Standort: Martigny (Schweiz). Gesamtstrecke bisher: 1.140km, 20.150hm)

EIS & PALMEN – Wochen Update 2 (11. Mai 2018)

Aktueller Standort: Auf dem Weg von Pontresina nach Disentis (Schweiz). Gesamtstrecke bisher: 780km, 12.000hm)

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