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François Bailly-Maitre · Mountainbiker

"Being out, riding bikes in summer, skiing in winter and enjoying nature the best way I can."

I'm a nature lover! So being outside on my bike or skis in winter means a lot to me. Sport is also for me the best way to travel and discover new places and people. I'm also someone who needs to be busy, so it's hard for me to keep on one project and focus 100% on it. So I'm organiser of an event in my own town, which is supported by VAUDE, the Enduro Jura by Julbo. I also made my studies on the environment fields, that I'm now using to develop mountain bike trails. Last but not least, being in my home place Jura is very restfull and I enjoy it a lot.




French Jura Mountains

Favorite Place



  • Be able to manage/keep everything together: work, leisure, family
  • Preserve the earth which is something I’m not optimistic on…


  • French national champion U23 XC
  • 2nd EWS in La Thuile
  • Winner of Transprovence
  • Winner of Andes Pacifico, Chile
  • Winner of Megavalanche, La Reunion

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Men`s Moab Rain Jacket

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Vaude Biivouac

Vaude Biivouac has become a yearly experience, almost unmissable. It is an honor to discover, every year, a new mountain bike destination in France. Another chance to remember that France has so many great places to ride bikes.

3 days in Paradise, riding trails that you never visited before – VAUDE BiiVOUAC

3 days in Paradise, riding trails that you never visited before, discover the most beautiful spots of the Alps, share good times with your friends and people you’ve just meet around beers, and suffer on your bike just enough to make the trip unforgettable.

“Trailen” wie Gott in Frankreich!

Das Fahrrad ist alleine schon deshalb ein hervorragendes Sportgerät, da es einem Naturerlebnisse bescheren kann, wie es keine andere Sportart hinbekommt. Was bietet sich folglich mehr an, als eine in Mountainbikerkreisen noch eher unerschlossene Region auszukundschaften…

Riding my way from Andes to Pacifico

It is my 4th time here in Chile. And so far, I have always been on the podium. So, I am back with big expectations…

Biivouac Teamrennen