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Vaude Biivouac

Vaude Biivouac has become a yearly experience, almost unmissable. It is an honor to discover, every year, a new mountain bike destination in France. Another chance to remember that France has so many great places to ride bikes.

Organised since 2013 the Vaude BiiVOUAC offers a unique team Enduro VTT adventure. 3 days of mountain bike touring to discover a new territory each year! For 2020, Vaude BiiVOUAC – the 8th season! – takes you on the trails of Provence Alpes, the land of the largest marked mountain bike playground in France.

This year again, the Vaude Biivouac’ team has planned a very exciting schedule in the Provence Alpes region, around Digne les Bains and its famous “Terres Noires”.

I proposed to Yoann Paccard to join me in this adventure. He’s a friend of mine, owner of a bike shop in Jura and a very talented downhill rider. Usually we ride together at my home spot, so I’m stoked he could join me for this adventure.

After a very dry summer, it sounds like the fall has arrived. We reached the campground after a storm. Temperature is chill, the night will be as well, but the good point is, with the rain, the dirt will be awesome by tomorrow.

We woke up under a nice sky…
…then the sun showed up.

Day 1 :

4 stages, 1500 vertical climb, 2000m vertical descent.

Greg, the trail boss, warned us! it’s gonna be physical, and guess what, he was right. Stage 1 set the pace, very nice trail with a perfect slope to make the trail longer and few very hard climbs.

It was a great surprise to find some north facing forests, featuring very nice dirt, pine trees, a ground covered by green moss,… a landscape very exciting for a mountainbiker.

Very nice atmosphere in this little paradise.
We’ll go from dark forests to open spaces featuring great lookout.
Everything went well for our team Vaude/Jura Sick Guide. We are leading the race and have spent a very nice day on our bikes

Day 2

Early start, for a long day on the bike. We gently getting closer to the Dark earth – Les Terres Noires.

Focus on the dirt.
Fast cornering.

At the bottom of stage 2, we finally had some fast and more open trails after 1 day on narrow trails where we had to manage our speed. Big high five after crossing the finish line.

First preview of Les Terres Noires. 1st. guaranty, it’s wonderful. 2nd guaranty, it´s going to be physical.

Day 3 : Les Terres Noires

Breathtaking landscapes as a scenery. What a shame we can’t stop during timed stages.
i hear thunder, but theres no rain.

Weather is uncertain, black thunder clouds are making it spicy.

Here comes the rain.

We ride the last stage of the weekend under a heavy rain. Glad it just arrived for the last one.

And because it’s not just about riding bikes, it’s important to mention the work of volunteers, and hats off to Wood Bear Café for the very good food.

Happy muddy Smile.


photos: @Antoine Bussier / Troissixmedia


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