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Richie Schley · Professional Biker

"Man is free when he decides to be." It is all of our choices to be free or feel free. Being outside, doing what I choose to do is freedom to me.

Adventure is everything to me. Mountain biking, skiing, surfing or any kind of outdoor adventures, are what fuel my sole. I feel it is necessary to work with brands that make everything I need to withstand the elements and have a resposible approach in how they do it.
Today more than ever we need to take care of the earth and play in it responsibly. Vaude's level of commitment toward the earth, motivates me even more, to live up to their high standard of nuturing mother nature.





Favorite Place

Nature or being outside


  • To continue to adventure around the world and share them with others. Hopefully this will inspire others to get out side and play respsonsibly.


  • Canadian Pro BMX Champion 1993
  • one of the Pioneers of Free ski scene in Canada 1995
  • Pioneer of Freeride Mountain bike scene 1995
  • Redbull Rampage competitor 4 times
  • Mountain Bike Hall of Fame Inductee 2010

Featured Gear

Moab UL Hybrid Jacket
– Green Core Tech Short

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Do you even feel the absolute need to do something or go somewhere? That is The Draw. I have been going to the Italian Dolomites annually for several years now. During my time at home, I kept thinking about the Dolomites and something inside me was drawing me to head there as soon as it […]

Richie Schley & Mo Jungaberle – Zwei Generationen an Mountainbikern

Zwischen der internationalen Freeride-Legende Richie Schley und dem Youngster Moritz Jungaberle aus Ravensburg liegen 40 Jahre Altersunterschied. Doch beide verbindet die pure Leidenschaft fürs Mountainbiken. 🔥🔥 In Zeiten von Instagram und Youtube ist es für die jüngere Generation ein Leichtes, sich von der großen Bandbreite des Mountainbikens und dem unglaublich hohen Niveau der Fahrer inspirieren […]

Richie Schley & Mo Jungaberle – Generations Apart

There is a 40-year age difference between international freeride legend Richie Schley and youngster Moritz Jungaberle from Ravensburg. But both are united by a pure passion for mountain biking. 🔥🔥 In times of Instagram and Youtube, it’s easy for the younger generation to be inspired by the wide range of mountain biking and the incredibly […]

Ride Free! Mountainbike-Legende Richie Schley im Interview

Richie Schley ist eine MTB-Legende. Seit den Neunzigerjahren als Mountainbike-Profi aktiv, gilt er als einer der Begründer der Freeride-Bewegung. Seit 2020 gehört Richie zum Kreis der VAUDE-Athleten. Wir haben mit ihm über seine Wurzeln, seinen neuen Kurzfilm und seine Ausrüstung gesprochen…