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Mountain Biking: Discovering Nepal

Usually known as the perfect place for hiking and climbing, a small group of mountain bikers set out to prove that Nepal is also made for mountain biking…

NaturalMTB in Solukhumbu – MTB Trip through Nepal

Premier épisode de la saison, première destination, le Népal.

Nepal, My Love – A Tribute to the Country and People

Nepal, My Love. Our tribute to the country and people so terribly shaken by the earthquake in 2015.

4K Himalaya Timelapse: Trail of Change 2014

Fantastic Timelapse Movie shot during our Trail of Change Expedition in Nepal 2014.

Trail of Change: ENDED – CHANGE MOVES ON

The day before yesterday we made it out of Mustang.

Trail of Change: DOWN IN THE DUST

Dust till down. Our lens rings are scretching like a late 80s Hip Hip DJ. As already mentioned we did not make it much further north than to Tsarang, the former capital of Lho.

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