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Burning Mountains II: Vertriding in Namibia

Follow the Vertriders on their unconventional trails through Namibia, a wide open land of extreme harshness.

I was already pretty much in my own bubble – Namibia

Every once in a while you might find something that captures you, that draws you in from the first encounter.

Is this THE dream line?

It was quick and easy to climb to watch the sunset.

The Brandberg was an experiment

As it turned out, the trail, if it even existed, wasn’t exactly made for bikes. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful time.

Namibia – adventure paradise

Anna loves cycling and she is proud of her yellow bike fleet, which she was able to purchase cheaply through BEN Namibia.

Namibia: endless landscapes, deserts and wild animals

Even Sarah was trained to become a bike mechanic; she’s been there the longest and is still sceptically watching us.

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