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7 tips on how to pitch a tent

We love camping! You too? We have a few useful advices for you on how to chose the right campground and on how to pitch a tent. Sit back, relax and enjoy some fantastic timelapses from Iceland, Greenland and the Himalayas.

Ski 4 Freedom – A slightly different ski course in the Karakorum

The aim is to give the young people, especially the girls, the opportunity to do sports and to be able to celebrate success in sports in the distant future.

Zanskar River, Himalaya

Nepal, My Love – A Tribute to the Country and People

Nepal, My Love. Our tribute to the country and people so terribly shaken by the earthquake in 2015.

4K Himalaya Timelapse: Trail of Change 2014

Fantastic Timelapse Movie shot during our Trail of Change Expedition in Nepal 2014.

Trail of Change: ENDED – CHANGE MOVES ON

The day before yesterday we made it out of Mustang.

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