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A Bio Skier worth following – Reduce your footprint with William Cochet

William started his career as a free rider in Verbier 12 years ago and has always been involved in a sustainable approach. He is now showing the paradox of professional skiing in his movie “Antagonist”.

A Matter of Degrees

As we are determined in our freedom by environmental circumstances, sometimes we have to shift the fullfilling of our dreams. Being spontaneous when necessary offers the discovery of new dreams.

Eis & Palmen – Abschlussbericht

Gesamtstrecke: 1.850km, 34.500hm, 42 Tage. Und was hat uns dieses Abenteuer gezeigt?

Skidurchquerung Tour de Soleil

Sechs Tage mit Tourenski von Realp im Schweizer Kanton Uri über das Tessin nach Italien und zurück ins Wallis klingt nach einer tollen Runde. Erster Tag, Hüttenaufstieg, null Höhenmeter Abfahrt. Na gut, die Freeriderin in mir bleibt zu Hause, it’s Tourenheini time.

Ice & Palms – The Full Movie

A fabulous 100% self-powered bike and ski adventure. Full Movie out now!

Ice & Palms – The Official Trailer

Ice & Palms – Bikepacking across the alps and skiing iconic mountains along the way – no motor allowed!

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