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Part 7 – The Happy Family is getting bigger!

Made in El Salvador

The new adventure is about to begin. We left Central America with the most precious gift life could give. In a few days, the Happy Family will become bigger!

Yes, “Made in El Salvador”. The last six wonderful and intense months of our journey surrounded by love, peace, and natural beauty left a permanent mark in our lives. Alby was confirmed pregnant a few days after landing in Rome. A mixture of excitement and alarm at the same time. We kept it a secret for the first couple of months. It was strange thinking that this travel started with four and ended with a family of five. It could not have happened in a better place and time. I remember Anna wishing for a little brother or sister with tears in her eyes while watching shooting stars one night in El Salvador. Apparently, that dream came true. The idea was to share the great news as soon as we got home, adding the “cherry on top”and celebrating our final arrival, but the plan changed. While cycling back home North, Alby put a lot of effort both physically and emotionally. No one understood why she seemed so tired and politely declined simple things like wine or good salami. We cycled from Rome to Florence, where we went for the first medical check-up in a private clinic to check if everything was going well. We planned a romantic dinner with our girls to share the great news that day. But we received the sad news that Alby’s dad was sick just a few moments before. He was taken urgently to the hospital. We rapidly packed our stuff and returned home in a state of emergency.

Finally home

Sharing the news

Looking on the bright side, fortunately, everything went well—We returned home a couple of weeks later. One evening, sitting together on the couch, we called Angy and Anna for a small reunion. They didn’t understand the reason, wondering whether they had done something wrong. We told them we had something special to show them, simply showed them a video. We took it during the obstetric ultrasound visit in Florence. It showed the heartbeat of their little brother. Wow! They couldn’t believe their eyes, as they realised what was happening, theyvwere super excited, crying for happiness! We hugged each other, all four with tears of joy. Then we slowly started sharing the news with close relatives and friends and on our social network only on New Year’s eve.

Outdoor Guide

As covid-19 keeps hitting us all quite hard psychologically, trying to readapt to life and its surroundings as best we can, we’re making new plans.

After living in the tropics for such a long time, we finally enjoyed winter again, sliding down slopes the first time in years. Hiking in the Dolomites through silent forests full of snow fulfilled us. It reminded us of the potential of Mother Nature and how important it is to respect our ecosystem.

Seba has been selected to attend a national “Environmental Guide” course promoted by the Veneto region. The idea is to work on a passion that he has always had. Adventure and life outdoors. Together with the rest of the Happy Family, connecting the wonders of traveling and making simple things special. Things like sharing the beauty of the Dolomites and Prosecco Hills area. Sharing wholesome Italian food and wine culture with other travellers wanting to discover this side of Italy in a unique way. On the other hand, we’ll continue embracing all of our friends and the families, small organic and fair trade producers that we met along our paths cycling through Latin America, “building bridges and seeding values”. We hope to organise short trips and eventually hit the road again one day.

Good quality family life

Angy has turned a teenager, and Anna is not far behind. There will be some natural divisions among us, letting them explore the world with their own eyes, their own spaces. Building relationships and socialising with their peers. As parents on the one hand, it hurts a bit. On the other hand, we keep doing our best to guide them through this critical stage of life. This is not the end but a new beginning! Our priority is to prepare a warm and welcoming nest for the baby while organising work, school, and home. We are living with meaning together these last days as a family of four with our girls. Only a precious good quality family life can preserve a “Happy Family.”

Best wishes and blessings to all of you from the Happy Family BIOcycling

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