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Ice & Palms – The Official Trailer

Ice & Palms [Eis & Palmen] – Bikepacking across the alps and skiing iconic mountains along the way – no motor allowed!

The 32 minute documentary follows skiers Jochen Mesle and Max Kroneck on their most ambitious ski tour yet. From southern Germany all the way to the mediterranean sea.

The two friends have traveled the world for many mountainous adventures, but while skiing in distant locations this idea grew in their minds: a self powered ski expedition that starts right on their own doorsteps. Five weeks, 1.800 km, 35.000 vertical meters and a dream come true.

After pedaling and skiing through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France, they reached the beach in Nice in early June 2018. The movie premiered at St. Anton Filmfest in August 2018.

SCREENINGS: The movie is currently screening at the Banff World Tour. Get tickets for the German part of the tour here. More shows and festivals:

Online Premiere of the Full Movie: 26.02.19 (here, on youtube and on

– Audience Award Filmfest St. Anton 2018
– Jury Prize Winterfilm Festival 2018
– Best Mountain Sports Film – Fort William Film Festival 2019
– Finalist Banff Mountain Film Festival 2018

CREDITS: Production: El Flamingo ( Directors: Jochen Mesle, Max Kroneck, Philipp Becker, Johannes Müller Additional Camera: Johannes Hoffmann, Benedikt Kaiser Photography: Max Kroneck, Jochen Mesle, Julian Rohn Presented by: VAUDE Support: Fischer, Alpina, Zeiss Lenses, Contour Skins, Rose Bikes, Ortema, Sporlastic, Evoc, Head Ski.

Check the project blog: (German only)


  1. 8 months ago by sharon lazare
    couldnt find how to change language
  2. 7 months ago by Matthias Unflat
    Hi Sharon, there is only one language available. But you can change the subtitle in the YouTube Menu.
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