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Climate protection isn’t negotiable. But it is electable! 

Time to vote – Your vote counts! In a democratic society, citizens can help decide what the future should look like. You have the choice. You can choose climate protection – for a future worth living, for all of us, our children and the generations to come. Today we can set the course for the world we will live in tomorrow. 

At VAUDE, we already have numerous examples of what we are doing to advance climate protection. We are committed to making the world a better place by offering durable products with environmentally friendly manufacturing under fair working conditions. We are working consistently to further reduce CO2 emissions as a company, use renewable energy and promote climate-friendly mobility solutions. We have presented some concrete examples here as part of the EU Sustainability Week.  

At the same time, as a company we also expect a legal framework that promotes genuine climate protection. As members of numerous associations and initiatives, we are contributing our ideas and expectations regarding these issues. VAUDE’s management team regularly contacts politicians in order to tackle the challenges of climate change in a fact-based and solution-oriented manner. Representatives from governmental agencies or other companies often visit us to see how sustainable business practices can be successfully put into practice. We are passing on our experience and expertise within the framework of the VAUDE Academy for Sustainable Business. 

Many Germans see the Bundestag elections on September 26th as a crucial event for climate protection. In the run-up to the election, we have once again stepped up our commitment and participated in many round table discussions, events and interviews. We believe that companies need to take a stand. Our employees have written a their hopes for sustainable climate policies on our symbolic voting ballot.  


Climate Choice? Initiatives provide orientation  

The German Bundestag elections will decide who will govern our country in the future and what priority sustainable business, serious climate protection and corresponding incentive systems for business and private individuals should have. #EverydayClimateday. Will they just be paying lip service or will these issues be genuinely taken to heart? Anyone who carefully studies the political parties’ election programs, their candidates and their positions can make informed decisions.  

First become informed, then vote! Your vote counts. Vote for our planet!


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