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Directions – An outdoor family adventure

“Always look ahead with the same wonder and you’ll never run out of things to see. Don’t be afraid to feel small so you can connect with something bigger than yourselves. Find moments that matter. Get excited, stay curious, stay close. It’s not important which way you go, the only direction that really matters is forward.”

Francesco has been taking his children high into the Wasatch mountains since they were old enough to sit up by themselves. His youngest daughter is just learning to walk and he loves helping her fall in love with the mountains by taking her all the way to the summit and giving her the tactile, real experience of being outside in nature. Sharing that experience instills a lifelong love for the outdoors and broadens and enriches the outdoor community with a new generation that respects and loves being outside.

Director + Cinematographer: Wilson Hansen ( and Gabe Casdorph (

Producer/Stylist: Megan Hansen

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