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Big Mountain Skiing in the Valais

The French Freeski webserie “Berio Ski” was created two years ago by us – Gaetan Gaudissard, Bastien Vidonne & Alexandre Chambet. Our goal: sharing our passion about big mountain skiing and movie production. We want to explore the mountains, around home and further, to ski big freeride lines, back country or just having good times while ski touring. All that with the mountain and ski attraction.

At the end of our first season we decided to go to Switzerland to ski a couple of steep and high mountains in ‘Valais’.

After skiing the Lenzspitze the first day, and taking a day off, we decided to go to camp on the Brunegg glacier. We had skiing Brunegghorn and Bishorn in mind… You can watch the whole journey here.

The famous Brunegghorn north face. Picture: Berio Ski

We chose this glacier due to its location: with one camp, it was possible to ski two different summits. This was an important point, because going to the base camp is the most difficult step. Indeed, you have to carry the stuff needed to be self-autonomous, like the tent, the food, the sleeping gear… All of this, added to our ski gear, right from the car park down the valley. Means that we carried a package around 30 kg, for more than 8km and 1.400m of elevation.

When we reached our camp spot at 3.000m, it was incredible. We just realized that we will spend almost three days here, alone, surrounded by huge peaks with only one goal: enjoy skiing! For now, there are no problems anymore. Just eat, sleep, ski and repeat!

The home for the next days. Picture: Berio Ski

After a good night rest we were ready for the Brunegghorn (3.833m). We started to walk by night and this day we had an incredible sunrise. Some clouds were moving around us, and the sun was coming.

All the light was something between shining yellow and shadow orange. Truly amazing. We reached the top around 7am and the snow was super nice so we were able to ski very fast on the way down. At 10am, we were back at our campsite, with a huge feeling of happiness and accomplishment. We spent a long and funny day on the glacier, walking around our tent, playing cards, reading, sleeping, eating and waiting for the next few days…

3 am, let’s go for the Bishorn (4.153m). It was our 3rd summit at more than 4.000m, and, weirdly, it seems easier, like if our body started to get used to this altitude. We reached the top around 8 am. Even though the snow was still frozen, we decided to not wait, because we knew that we had to go back to France.

A lot of equipment for this high alpine multiday trip. Picture: Berio Ski

So the way down wasn’t as fast as the days before, but very steep and long. Some amazing turn arounds that we will never forget.

10 am, it’s time to leave, pack the gear and walking down to our car. Back to reality and the next days we both will be at work again…

This trip was our first one at this altitude and surely won’t be the last one. The landscape we saw and the mountains that we have ridden gave us one thought: coming back as soon as possible.

We are doing one movies each three weeks, so don’t hesitate to follow us on our social media:

Youtube: Berio Ski
Instagram: @berio_ski
Facebook: BERIO Ski

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