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Beastmaker (9a/9a+) – Climbing Movie english

It’s never boring for people like the Bavarian climber Helmut “Heli” Kotter. Now that he’s conquered arduous routes like the “Bellavista” & “Panaroma” on the Westliche Zinne (Tre Cime di Lavaredo) as well as “Sansara” at Lofer, he’s now devoted himself to his next formidable climbing project: a gigantic overhang in the foothills of the Wilder Kaiser near Kufstein. But Heli’s also facing new challenges as a family as well.

Athlete: Heli Kotter
Route: Beastmaker 9a/9a+
Location: Sparchen/Austria
Camera: Johannes Mair
Aereals: Christoph Thoresen
Editing: Johannes Mair
Cam-Assistent: Julia Brunner
Music: „Kingpin“ by Gyom; „Old Grass“ by JAM Studio

Produced 2016 in association with Alpsolut Moving Pictures


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