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William Cochet · BioSkieur

"Nature is my guide, I need to live close to it so that it shows me the good way in this crazy world!"

"I just want to do things that make sense, in times in which the major part of humanity believes more in money than environment and sustainability. That is the reason why using Vaude products is obvious for me in my sporting life and also in my "real" summer life in which I promote local organic producers in my cozy restaurant."




Présilly, Haute Savoie


  • I try to ski as I am able to ski…


  • Un Flocon Vert, ski film série (2018)
  • Winteractivity, ski film (2016)
  • Antagonist, ski film (2014)
  • TOP 20 European FWQ for 10 years

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#EverydayClimateday – Eat Sustainable  

Warum auch unsere Ernährung zum Klimaschutz beiträgt: Wiliam Cochet ist Freerider und im Winter meist im Tiefschnee zu finden. Im Sommer aber, wenn er nicht beim Powdern auf verschneiten Hängen unterwegs ist, verbringt er viel Zeit auf seiner kleinen Farm in Frankreich. Schon seit vielen Jahren engagiert sich der VAUDE-Athlet in Sachen Klima- und Umweltschutz […]

#EverydayClimateday – Eat Sustainable

Why our diet can also contribute to climate protection   Wiliam Cochet is a freerider and can usually be found somewhere deep in the winter snow. Come summer when he’s can’t powder down snowy slopes, he spends a lot of time on his small farm in France. For many years now, the VAUDE athlete has been […]

A Bio Skier worth following – Reduce your footprint with William Cochet

William started his career as a free rider in Verbier 12 years ago and has always been involved in a sustainable approach. He is now showing the paradox of professional skiing in his movie “Antagonist”.

4K Freeskiing & Environment Protection: BioSkieur

The BioSkieur do not only enjoy to freeski through beautiful nature but take care of it at the same time.