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Max Kroneck · Freerider

Everything works, except the frog

Max grew up in the mountains and with the age of just two years and his first ski attempts he has discovered his passion for the skiing sport. In the childhood he already started to explore the backcountry and enjoyed his first tours with six years. As a youth he got a good technical base by the training with the german mogul team.

Soon he broaden up his skiing with the disciplines slopestyle and halfpipe, where he got great feedback by his contest successes. He always has been keen to challenge himself. The fascination for mountains comes overall from the experience of the alpine mountaineering combined with technical skiing and creative freeriding. Max Kroneck is characterized by his unlimited joy at the mountain.

All Posts with Max Kroneck

Eis & Palmen – Abschlussbericht

Gesamtstrecke: 1.850km, 34.500hm, 42 Tage. Und was hat uns dieses Abenteuer gezeigt?

Ice & Palms – The Full Movie

A fabulous 100% self-powered bike and ski adventure. Full Movie out now!

EIS & PALMEN Wochen Update 5 / ZIEL (7. Juni 2018)

Aktueller Standort: Nizza
Gesamtstrecke: 1.850km, 34.500hm, 42 Tage

EIS & PALMEN – Wochen Update 4 (29. Mai 2018)

Aktueller Standort: Aosta (Italien). Gesamtstrecke bisher: 1.300km, 26.000hm

EIS & PALMEN – Wochen Update 3 (21. Mai 2018)

Aktueller Standort: Martigny (Schweiz). Gesamtstrecke bisher: 1.140km, 20.150hm)

EIS & PALMEN – Wochen Update 2 (11. Mai 2018)

Aktueller Standort: Auf dem Weg von Pontresina nach Disentis (Schweiz). Gesamtstrecke bisher: 780km, 12.000hm)

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