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Colin Gomez · Freerider

Get the most out of my mountain skills to explore even more remote and beautiful places.

Mountain lover and passionate skier in search of new lines and remote places to explore.
Raised in the mountains, I am enjoying them on my skis during winter and when trail running or climbing during summer.
Trying to transmit my passion and vision of the mountain throughout photo and video projects.
Freshly graduate materials engineer I aspire to develop the gear that will help you reach your next summit or ski down your dreamed line; as ecological as possible.




Douvaine, Haute-Savoie, France


  • Movie project (2019) – Skitouring trip around Italy and France.
  • Far East (2018) – Freeride and skitouring movie shot in Bulgaria. Screened at the Winter Film Festival, the International Freeride Film Festival and the Xcofilm fest.
  • Les Others (2018) – Published article on the website: “A la recherche de la ligne parfait sur les pentes de Bulgarie.
  • Every line that make me smile or I am proud of because of the physical, technical or mental engagement. You determine your own highlights, this is not strangers’ role, keep it in mind.

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A Matter of Degrees

As we are determined in our freedom by environmental circumstances, sometimes we have to shift the fullfilling of our dreams. Being spontaneous when necessary offers the discovery of new dreams.