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Alexander Miller · Student

"Whatever obstacles lie ahead, be it fast and flowy berms or razor-sharp rocks, I always go full speed. Life is to short to be cautious or reticent."

Being outside, on the bike, shredding my backyard trails, that is what gives me a sense of absolute freedom. Freedom in one of the best forms possible. Freedom that makes you completely oblivious to any hardships or heartaches one might experience in life. Pushing beyond my limits, both physically and mentally, in or out of competition, defines who I am.
Growing up on a farm in the south of Namibia, helped me developing a mindset of sustainability. Being far away from any city or industrial development made sure that nature was left untouched. This is not the case when you get closer to human development. That is why human development in a environmentaly sustainable manner is really important, this way we can continue to enjoy the nature around us. With the support from Vaude, I know I can do my part in sustainable development.







Favorite Place

On my parents farm where I grew up


  • To represent my country at the highest level of cycling and also be an inspiration to the younger generation to get active and enjoy the outdoors.


  • 1. Qualification for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics
  • 2. Namibian XCO and XCM Champion 2019 and 2020
  • 3. Bronze medal at the 2019 African MTB Championships
  • 4. 2018 Junior African MTB Champion

Featured Gear

Men’s Gleann T-Shirt

Men’s Moab Rain Shorts

Men’s UBN Levtura