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How do I sign up?

Simple! Fill in your name and email here. We will then send you an email to verify your user identity. After you have completed the verification, feel free to jump right into filling out the rest of your profile. If you're already a registered member on one of our platforms (eg Vaude - ), you can always use the login details for that account. We will even move your previously acquired points.

How do I adjust my privacy settings?

During the registration process you can choose a pseudonym, that will be the name shown next to your posts. Under profile settings you can also manually adjust how much of your profile information is visible to other members. Your profile will only be visible to other registered members, while your posts are accessible to anyone. More information regarding privacy protection can be found under Privacy Policy.

Are there specific community rules?

This platform is an open community and therefore supports unrestricted discussion and posting of questions and answers. However, there are a few 'social guidelines' that can be found here: Community Etiquette. These guidelines exist to make the community as pleasant and enjoyable as possible to all members and visitors.

How does the point system work?

You earn points for different activities you perform on our platforms. For example inviting another person to join and register this community, you earn a whopping 75 points! Your points are collected across platforms and are displayed on your profile. If you collect enough points you will be listed on the 'Top Users'. To find out more about how many points you can score per activity, check out the following links: Stories - Videos .

Vaude - Stories

How do I create a story?

After you have registered and logged in, you will be able to create your own stories using the button "New Story" in the top right corner. Simply add tags, pictures and a category and click submit!

What happens to my stories after I submitted them?

After you have submitted your story it will be reviewed and published by one of our moderators. Your story now becomes visible publicly and can be voted and commented on by all other registered members. The more positive votes and comments your story receives the more points you score! Let's see what you got!

How does voting on Stories work?

Every member has the opportunity to cast one vote per story. Votes are evaluated through a simple „Thumbs Up“ and „Thumbs Down“ process. Positive votes give the story a score of +1.

Can I edit or delete my stories after I've submitted them?

You can edit but not delete your stories at any given time.

How many points am I rewarded for what?

For successfully submitting a new story, you will receive 15 points. Should your story receive a 'Like' you will earn 5 points For a new comment or 'Liking' a story you will get 1 point.

Vaude - Videos

What's Vaude - Videos?

Vaude TV is a Video Platform driven by all members including you! It is up to you, to suggest your favorite videos and comment or vote on videos submitted by others.

What happens to my video suggestion after I've submitted it?

After you have suggested a video, a moderator will review and publish it. Your video now becomes availabe to the public and can be voted and commented on. The more positive votes your video receives the more points you score and the higher it will be ranked. Let's see what you got!

How does voting on Videos work?

You can cast one vote per Video, by simply giving it „Thumbs Up“.

How many points am I rewarded for each activity?

Successfully suggesting a new video will score you 10 points. If your video receives a 'Like' you will in turn receive 5 points. 'Liking' a video will earn you 1 point.